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Hey friend, my name is McKay Mattingly, I’m a designer currently living and working in Salt Lake City. I graduated from the University of Utah’s Bachelor of Arts program with an emphasis in graphic design. After school I worked for Skullcandy where I was able to work within a wide range of disciplines including UI/UX, product design, packaging, identity systems & branding, as well as art direction for photography and videography content. Currently I am a product designer at an agency in SLC called Underbelly where I work with a wide variety of clients. I have completed augmented contracts with Netflix and Facebook.

I find beauty in simplicity as well as the natural and unique. I’m proficient in Figma, Sketch, and the Adobe Suite. I can navigate comfortably through After Effects and several prototyping programs. I have strong communication skills and the ability to distill and communicate complex ideas. I’m an organized, adaptable, detail-oriented designer that takes pride in my intention. My areas of emphasis lie in product design, interactive experiences (UI/UX), systems-level thinking, information architecture, conceptual/design thinking, as well as research and validation. I also have a solid understanding of typography, identity systems, branding, print, and packaging design. 


Collaboration and diversity are qualities I find incredibly important for success. I tend to take a human centered view on design; every person brings a new lens through which to view a problem and the best solution should be intersectional. I pride myself in my volunteer work and eagerness to give back to the design community. I currently hold the title of director of education with the AIGA Salt Lake City chapter. In that capacity I've planned and helped organized guest speakers, community events, Salt Lake City design week as well as the annual student portfolio review. 

You can click my resume below to take a copy with you. Let's grab some coffee and see how we might be able to work together.