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Website Tools Landing Page
Building a first-time user experience with a redesigned landing page and product area.
Podium Marketing
1+ Year
Shipped Q3 & Q4 2022
We set out to improve the first-time user experience for the platform's various product areas, with a focus on retention and engagement.
Discovery and definition

Podium as a platform has grown very linearly, as new areas of the product launched, their respective areas grew independently from each other which ultimately created disparate onboarding experiences depending on which tool you were using. In an effort to address consistency, and usability, myself and a group of designers formed a "tiger" team to address the problem.

We completed an audit of the existing landing pages for each product area as well as their FTUXs (first time user experiences). This process helped us understand the needs and motivations of our first-time users as well as the necessity for a seamless and intuitve experience across the product that was also engaging and enjoyable.

Each product area had different needs as it related to getting users activated. For the website tools area specifically we wanted to focus on helping users connect Webchat. As it stood, setting up Webchat was done within the settings, so we set out to create a dedicated area to house Webchat and the other Website Tools.

With a goal of retention in mind, we asked ourselves several questions.

1. How might we better understand the needs and motivations of our first-time users? How might we tailor instructions/flows to concisely address those motivations?

2. How might we make the FTUX more intuitive and seamless? What areas of the product need to be more deeply integrated?

3. How might we mitigate potential barriers? What are the most common barriers?

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