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La Barba

For this proposed identity system I gathered baseline information, completed a competitive audit as well as market and usability research. The goal was to create a system that felt more familiar, nostalgic, and design-centric. A system that could be easily differentiated from its competitors. The logotype was developed to be a contemporary asset that is flexible enough for small packaging as well as large signage. The form is created by merging an uppercase ‘L’ and ‘B’ set in Lehigh Personal - Thin. The mark helps La Barba retain the existing brand equity from their current mark but move forward with a more cohesive system. The mark utilizes one weight and line stroke throughout for recognizability, differentiation, and legibility. Several pieces of collateral were designed for the system including: packaging, signage, stationary, business cards, tag-lines, a naming system, word-marks, logotype, as well as a website and much more to help create a robust system. 

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